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Handmade Jewelry

Our Jewelry
Our jewelry is made using only quality products including semi-
precious stones, crystals, sterling
and handmade Bali silver.

Each piece utilizes the metaphysical
properties of gemstones to create
themes of healing, protection,
energizing, empowerment and
more. Most importantly, each
of my designs is crafted with love
and care. Click Here to view my
currently available pieces.

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Taking it on the Road

Meet me and see my creations
at my next exhibit. Click here for info.

Pyramids, Obelisks, Spheres

Crystals & Minerals
Whether you use crystals for healing,
journeying, meditation or just to
vitalize your living room with energy,
you are sure to find beauty and
inspiration in the collection of
shaped and rough stones found
on the following pages. Click Here.


Learn how rocks, minerals and crystals
have been used throughout history.
Click Here for a list of common
stones and their uses.

Email me here w/ questions!

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